Not really the root

The e Ching has worked for me

Burying green in gold for all to see

 little dots

Hurricane spread squared 

The eye 

Just that missing part

Buried the dreams

Terrible the scheme

When all is cost

Terrific same Lost word 

Negative is positive 


When spoken with enough

Is positive 

Just that grass

Keeps coming

 it don’t


Daisy and the horse shoe crab

Keep less who keeps warm 

Weep only

when it’s brethren is ground ashore

That better pace

We place 

our troubles fight on the moments plate

You are what you wish

you be that dream

Never sail into the quiet see 

Easy is nothing

Hard is the beginning of learning

Hail to the whip 

that wakes us

Study the uneven pace

It’s that croaked horde 

that foundations 

Lost and strong are built on

 Blessed be the mass

That fines not pain your back

Or the others 

Happens to be good right now 

If your breathing

Are you 


Just check

Trouble bless

Beast of the sourced dollar 

plenty and giving slack

The rope needs to breath

 to be productive

Twill not snap

Still not a token of forget


Of any thoughts or regret 

Theres no thing  to believe at the pinnacle 

Your just there

Side streets ever wher you go

Welll better off not on the main vain 

Seems to me sleep only happens 

when your willing to die

The better place 

Not more thought of eundrance race

The better place

Your just there 

Your just there 


March 7 2021