There no more palms in prison

Hip the cold

last past

partition or partisan

The impossible walk


Together winning is the monument or movement

Or the empty garden

Still the study remains the same

Television 87 years of signal

Waves wont stop


Infinity the only clock to watch

Wrist snapped of confession-wilderbeast, sloppy kill ahab

Asleep my captain


terrible it seems the empty hotel.

Omit the first omit

Lost salvation is salvation


The time before and after you think.

Anyones story never equals the same.

Playground of empty shoes.

See saw turned against



The pasture of forget

Every one wants to work

Some have the tools

Ground can make due with out

We are solid or solo or h2o

Wondering eyes of the moment

Never under our control

20 foot of water

Its just higher ground

That path more traveled or


Every one wishes they can walk.

To nowhere hailed judge

No council at hand

The styno still writes

“There is no more late, the sun waits for who.

It has no big words or explain why it burst.”


Just one more breath

a petty excuse for:

1. Cliche

2. Usurp me

3. And Whitman

4. All the other little words.

We all need air big period.

Beat big period.  air

Small beginning one spark then us 

52million years of nothing to complain.

Every one is at hand now

The tap water is free

Piddle the puddle

poor prisoner